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AI-based Parking Space Detection

Embedded with AI deep learning algorithms, IParkPro AI Outdoor Parking Management Camera can detect and manage up to 100 parking spaces with over 98% detection accuracy, considerably assisting with parking guidance and enabling more effective and intelligent parking management.

Intelligence AI Algorithm

Up to 100 Parking Spaces Management

High Accuracy

Outstanding Scene Adaptability

Tailored for 24/7 outdoor surveillance, IParkPro incorporates a series of cutting-edge image processing technologies into AI Outdoor Parking Management Camera to realize outstanding scene adaptability. A greater monitoring area is possible because of the wide FoV of motorized zoom lens, and every detail is clearly visible thanks to the 4K ultra high resolution. In addition, with 1/1.8” STARVIS starlight sensor and image-based frame accumulation technology, it ensures safe and sound outdoor monitoring even at night.

High Compatibility

To maximize usability and compatibility, IParkPro AI Outdoor Parking Management Camera supports CGI/API, which makes it easy to integrate openly with third-party platforms. Network protocols, such as HTTP(s), provide a wide range of options for data processing. The transmission of parking information to third-party parking systems helps form a complete solution to guide drivers to parking spaces quickly and enable intelligent management.

Flexible Configuration

The configuration of car parking detection is very flexible and convenient. Area Name, Area Planning Space, Distribution and Numbering Scheme of Detection Areas are all customizable, providing a simple way to configure detection areas in line with user preferences. And the red overlay of occupied parking spaces provides a more intuitive interface.

Smart Parking

Reinventing the Parking Experience

IParkPro IOT plays a crucial role in indoor parking management. It is able to capture real-time parking occupancy information. Leveraging IParkPro IoT Cloud or other suitable cloud platforms, it streamlines driving experience, ensuring that drivers are guided to a best parking available and saving time, energy and money.

IP67 Rating

IOT is qualified to work at harsh and wet environment with an IP67 rated enclosure to protect against powerful jets of water.

IParkPro provides a complete AIoT indoor parking management suite, detecting the occupancy of parking spaces and LoRaWAN® gateway transmitting the data to the parking management system. Additionally, based on AI algorithms, network cameras can generate reliable gate control insights.