IP-HB700 Rising Bollards

Hydraulic Rising Bollards

Hydraulic Rising Bollards are designed to protect sensitive areas that require high level of security. Cutting edge internal hydraulic power pack of IP-HB700 provides silent and smooth operation with ease of installation and maintenance. The product is engineered to withstand high-impact forces by destroying the front suspension system of the hostile vehicle.

With its powerful hydraulic unit, IP-HB700 Series is an ideal choice for high-frequency heavy-duty operation, achieving a high level of security while maintaining an aesthetic look.

Novel and Popular Design

The high level of integration makes it look minimalist but more powerful than others. The novel breathing light design can clearly display the operating status of the boom gate, which greatly improves the passing experience.


Ease of maintenance and installation combined with smooth and silent operation, thanks to internal hydraulics and modular case design

Rising Bollards

Schneider PLC and top quality electronics, providing simultaneous and synchronized operation of up to 30 bollards with a single electronic control cabinet

Suitable for intense usage at high frequency access control points, supporting 5,000+ movements in a consecutive fashion, a total 10,000+ movement per day