IP-TD300 – Ticket Dispenser

Parking Ticket Dispensing Machine

The IP-TD300 car park ticket dispenser is a piece of equipment designed to improve vehicle access control, offering different functions according to your needs and those of your installation.

Usually placed in each entrance way to the facility together with an automatic barrier, the parking ticket machine offers multiple access methods, making it one of the most complete and versatile ticket machines:

Access with ticket, both with barcode or QR code. The printed ticket includes the date and time of entry and the license plate number, offering complete vehicle access control.

Access through RFID parking. The ticket dispenser includes an RFID proximity card reader, which allows paid vehicles to pass through.

Access to the parking with mobile. Our parking ticket machine allows passage and payment of the stay through the user’s mobile phone through an exclusive app.

Advantages From The Parking Ticket Machine

Mobile access to parking

Your customers will be able to access the car park via mobile phone, offering them greater convenience. To achieve this, we installed a small device in the parking ticket machine.

Online ticket dispenser

Our parking ticket machines have the ability to operate both offline and online, connecting to the system.

License plate recognition

All our range of ticket machines are compatible with the 3LPR system, which allows the recognition of license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the car park. In this way you will achieve excellent access control to the parking lot.

Stronger Hardware Platform Brings Better Performance

It adopts industrial-grade four-core high-end hardware platform, built-in self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and professional image processing unit, giving the product powerful application processing capabilities and license plate recognition deep learning capabilities

Robust Design and Stylish Appearance

The product is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the internal structure is solid and reliable.

The bright black panel is used in combination with silver to make the color gradation more vivid and the product more fashionable.