Car Finding Kiosk

Car Finding Kiosk

Helping You Find Your Car More Easily

Car Finding Kiosk is mainly used to search the vehicle location when the car owner leaves the parking lot. The system provides a variety of car search methods. In addition, it can also provide a variety of customized functions such as online payment, monthly card renewal, and advertisement push.

Multiple Car Search Algorithms

The system has integrated a variety of car search algorithms, such as parking space number query, license plate number query, unlicensed car query and admission time query.

Video Intercom & Voice Prompts

In order to give customers the best experience, the product has added intelligent voice prompts, and customers can operate step by step according to the prompts. When encountering problems, customers can also ask for help through video intercom.

One-stop Service Station

In addition to the car search function, it also integrates multiple applications such as online payment, advertisement push, monthly card management, real-time viewing of parking lot information and business activity information.