Video Detection Camera

VII Type HD Video Detection Terminal

A professional parking guidance camera

High-definition video detection terminals are mostly used for underground parking management, and can also be used independently for ground parking. It perfectly integrates cameras, LED indicator lights, vehicle detection algorithms, and wireless communication modules to quickly identify the status of parking spaces and license plate information. Video detection terminals can be widely used in transportation hubs, hospitals, hotels, scenic spots, supermarkets, office buildings and large communities.

Integrated Design

JSPJ1161E-T perfectly integrated ultrasonic sensors and LED indicators into compact design.

Easier for implementation and debugging on field.

Built-in License Plate Recognition Algorithm

The product integrates Jieshun’s self-developed license plate recognition algorithm based on deep learning, and the recognition rate can be as high as 99%.

Multiple Parking Spaces Detection

The 4MP HD camera has a wide shooting range, which can be automatically adjusted within 75° in the vertical direction and 30° in the horizontal direction. One camera can monitor at least three parking spaces.