IP-FP200S Pay Machine

Foot Pay Parking Machines

The ATM-only EMV is a technological equipment for the parking sector, specifically for card payment in the car park. By not accepting coins or bills, if not only EMV payment in the parking lot, allows us to produce parking equipment with reduced size.

It has a ticket reader and a touch screen anti-vandalism.

Mobile payment

It is possible incorporate to the cashier an NFC module to provide customers the mobile payment through Wallet applications.

EMV payment

This technological equipment for car park accept payments with credit cards.

Rugged Design Full of Technology

The main body of the product is composed of high-quality metal panels and plexiglass, and the design is sturdy and durable. And the black and silver color scheme makes the visual effect even better.

The operation window uses a 17-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, which easily supports video intercom and parking services. There are voice prompts when users operate, and the interactive experience is stronger.

Flexible Payment Options

The standard version supports multiple payment methods, mobile payment, debit card/credit card, etc. We can provide corresponding customized services according to different usage scenarios.

The billing system can also integrate coupons and electronic invoices to provide users with more intimate services.