Vehicle LPR

Vehicle license plate reader

The license plate reader is a device that is part of our iParkPro license plate recognition system. Designed and manufactured by IPARKPRO, it is responsible for reading the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving a car park. It is installed in each entry or exit road where you want to recognize license plates, right next to the automatic barrier. As soon as it captures the images of the vehicle, they are recognized directly by the LPR Software, performing a license plate reading.

It has installed a powerful license plate detector camera with IR LED focus, which allows to identification of license plates of cars, motorcycles, and trucks under any lighting condition, day or night. This feature makes it an effective and accurate license plate reader, even in the darkest car parks.

To the camera is added the lighting of LED technology, functioning as a traffic light to indicate the passage of the vehicle, making it the perfect license plate detector for any type of installation.

  • Quick license plate reading.
  • Recognition reliability greater than 99%.
  • Operation day and night.
  • License plate reader resistant to any type of weather condition.
  • LED traffic light.


Reading license plates day and night

Our license plate reader has an LPR IR camera, allowing a license plate reading both in broad daylight and in circumstances of very low light, such as at night or in poorly lit spaces. It therefore offers you optimal license plate recognition.

LED traffic light

It has installed a series of LEDs, acting as an access traffic light. The equipment is connected to the license plate recognition system, so that when the barrier opens, the traffic light will change from red to green, indicating the driver’s pace.

Industry-leading License Plate Recognition Solution

Using the deep learning license plate recognition algorithm independently developed by IPARKPRO, the accuracy rate of license plate recognition can reach more than 99%.

The image processing unit cooperates with intelligent exposure compensation technology to capture the optimal picture for identification in complex lighting environments such as strong light, weak light and backlight.

Greater Scalability to Access More Devices

Greater Scalability to Access More Devices

The controller can be connected to a video intercom terminal, auxiliary identification camera, information display screen, and environmental monitoring camera to realize more parking lot applications, such as audio and video intercom, real-time monitoring, fast payment, emergency handling and other functions.

Compared with the traditional parking management system, the management efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, and the application is more abundant.

Stronger Hardware Platform Brings Better Performance

It adopts industrial-grade four-core high-end hardware platform, built-in self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and professional image processing unit, giving the product powerful application processing capabilities and license plate recognition deep learning capabilities.