IP-TD200S – Ticket Dispenser

Compact Parking Ticket Reader and Vending Machine with LPR Camera

The IP-TD200S parking ticket dispenser is an equipment used on the entrance roads to a car park to control vehicle access. It is usually installed next to an automatic barrier.

This model of IP-TD200S is installed in the entrance lanes to the parking lot. And it is a team that combines in the same body multiple means of access to the parking such as tickets, RFID card reader, and intercom, with a novelty: it includes a license plate reader that recognizes vehicles in the exit lane.

A 2×1 that joins a ticket dispenser, next to a license plate reader. Perfect for bidirectional roads, or joint two-lane roads.

It is built with a sturdy iron body, working properly both indoors and outdoors. Its careful design and the latest model components that it has installed, allows us to offer one of the smallest and most compact parking ticket dispensers.



Multiple access methods

The entrance column offers multiple state-of-the-art access methods, making it a versatile device that goes beyond a simple parking ticket dispenser. Ticket, RFID proximity card, QR code reading. Through mobile.

2 teams in 1

Our parking access team has an LPR camera installed. This is responsible for recognizing the license plates of vehicles traveling in the opposite lane. It is a very important advantage, since you will not have to buy two separate computers to perform both functions, which means a significant saving of space and money.

Robust Design and Stylish Appearance

The product is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the internal structure is solid and reliable.

The bright black panel is used in combination with silver to make the color gradation more vivid and the product more fashionable.

Stronger Hardware Platform Brings Better Performance

It adopts industrial-grade four-core high-end hardware platform, built-in self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and professional image processing unit, giving the product powerful application processing capabilities and license plate recognition deep learning capabilities