IP-ATM100 Pay Machine

ATMs for Parking

Automatic Pay Station is an ATM for parking lots. With a steel body, this technological equipment is our cashier for parking. The ATM has a 17″ touch screen, with a ticket reader, and is compatible with a lot of coins and banknotes.

It includes a hopper, which allows the introduction of multiple coins at the same time, speeding up the payment. It also allows you to include a module for an RFID proximity card and an NFC module for payment via mobile phone.

Ticket reader

The cashier for car park has a parking ticket reader, reading the barcode. The user will exit the car park with the same ticket that came.

Money and banknote reuse

Our ATM for car parks accepts, recycles and returns all denominations of coins and banknotes.

Mobile payment

Is possible incorporate to the cashier an NFC module to offer customers the option of paying via mobile phone with Wallet applications.

Massive introduction of coins

The cashier allows to insert a handful of coins at a time, offering greater flexibility and convenience for customers.

Rugged Design Full of Technology

The main body of the product is composed of high-quality metal panels and plexiglass, and the design is sturdy and durable. And the black and silver color scheme makes the visual effect even better.

The operation window uses a 17-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, which easily supports video intercom and parking services. There are voice prompts when users operate, and the interactive experience is stronger.

Stronger Hardware Platform Brings Better Performance

It adopts industrial-grade four-core high-end hardware platform, built-in self-developed license plate recognition algorithm and professional image processing unit, giving the product powerful application processing capabilities and license plate recognition deep learning capabilities