IP-RB7000 Road Blockers

iParkPro Shallow Mount Road Blockers

iParkPro’s new release IP-RB7000 High Impact Rated Hydraulic Shallow Mount Road Blockers are designed to protect sensitive areas that require a high level of security. The product has already proven its durability and stopping power through computer-aided element analysis tests, providing compliance to IWA14-1:2013/ PAS68 / ASTM M40 standards at P1 level with N2B vehicle. With its powerful hydraulic unit.

IP-RB7000 Shallow Mount Road Blockers provide reliable solutions for securing sensitive areas against ram attacks. Suitable for high-frequency heavy-duty operation, IP-RB7000 Road Blockers also provide easy and fast installation for projects with construction limits and time constraints.

Speed Control & Position Sensing

IP-RB7000 possesses two advanced features that extend the usage life of the system: Position Detection with weatherproof proximity limit sensors which immediately stops the motor operation at limit points. Descending Speed at Closing and Opening Points which provides a silent operation.

Flexible & Reliable

Ease of integration with all access control equipment through its Schneider SR2 A201BD PLC unit which possesses 12 Inputs and 8 Outputs. All electronic equipment are Schneider branded with the highest reliability available in the market.


Designed for intense industrial usage with a 100% Duty Cycle, powerful HPU, strong wedge, and durable hydraulic lift piston. With its 5.5 kW powerful motor IP-RB7000 is capable of completing up or down movement in 4-5 seconds without any limitation on daily usage.