IP-GB200 Gate Barrier

Car Park Barriers for Vehicle Access Control

Our automatic parking barriers offers effective vehicular access control to the car park or any installation. Leading technology installed becomes one of the fastest on the market, with an opening and closing speed of 1.5 seconds.

With a stylish and sophisticated design, these barriers have a steel body resistant to all kinds of weather, and a 3-meter carbon fiber arm, light and durable.

A barrier ideal for combining with our entry and exit equipment: the ticket dispenser and the ticket reader, offering complete access control on your parking lot.

  • Fast opening speed.
  • Bounce function and anti-blow.
  • Reflective surface for night visibility.
  • Increased engine life over other barriers of the market.

Barriers to fast parking

Our vehicular access barriers have an opening and closing time of 1.5 seconds, making them one of the fastest parking barriers on the market.

Access barrier with reflective arm

Our models of automatic barriers for parking have a reflective and resistant surface, allowing visibility even at night or in low light conditions, increasing safety and reducing the likelihood of impacts.

Arm with bounce function

The arm of our vehicular access control barriers have the function of rebound and anti-shock. The automatic barrier will open instantly if it detects a volume during its closure, increasing safety and reducing possible damage to vehicles.

Special Features

  • Open and close time is both 1.5s.
  • Takes a four-bar linkage, has fast speed, safe and durable. The motor (gear motor) runs circularly, can effectively reduce barrier shaking, lower motor load, and effectively extend the life of the motor (which is twice longer than the common barrier).
  • Professional appearance design, barrier case uses 2mm cold rolled sheet, orange lines surface with UV protection and electrostatic spraying, anti-rust, fastness, dustproof, waterproof, conforming to IP55 class, and suitable for outdoor usage.
  • The gear motor doesn’t need maintenance, without current shock when stuck in running. With intelligent overheating protection, can effectively protect the controller and extend the life of the controller.
  • Takes contactless optocoupler limit switch, long life, precise limit removes position deviation and wrong action caused by bad contact of switch or limit error.
  • The barrier controller is equipped with high-sensitive prior up and controller integrates with ground detection, resistance rebound, infrared anti-hit port, and can also select an anti-hit boom with pressure detection.
  • Equip with 3 controlling ways: switch controller box, remote controller, RS485 command
  • Physical anti-hit: barrier boom is with a rubber strip or filled with foam cotton, which can lighten damage caused by accidents.
  • Resistance rebound function: During the downward process, if external resistance, the barrier boom will immediately upward, with high sensitivity.

  • During the downward process, if receive a trigger signal from the ground detector, the barrier boom will up the barrier immediately.
  • Infrared anti-hit: During the downward process, if receive a trigger signal from infrared, the barrier boom will up the barrier immediately.
  • When the up input signal continues or RS485 serial orders are in the smooth mode, the barrier will ignore any down actions and keep up status, until the barrier boom input sends a resolved signal and the barrier receives a down trigger.

  • Circuit Self-check: During the operation automatically examines the abnormality of the circuit and gives an alarm.

  • Structural Anti-freezing: Use aviation-dedicated anti-freezing grease. The barrier doesn’t get frozen in northern cold areas and can operate well.

  • Clutch Function: Under circumstances of power-off or emergency, use a dedicated tool to separate the clutch arm from the principal axis, The barrier will be in motoring separation status, and can open/close the barrier by hand.

  • Anti-collision Function: When a car with a speed of 15km/h hits the barrier, the barrier boom is knocked out, but the principal axis and other structures will not be deformed or damaged. After the barrier boom can operate normally.

High Security and Reliability

High-strength carbon steel splicing frame and a new spraying process ensure the solid body. The barrier gate has comprehensive anti-crushing protection: infrared anti-crushing, radar anti-crushing, and anti-crushing loop detector.

Digital control technology guarantees safe operation throughout the process. The powerful motor ensures a long service life of at least 3 million operations.