Parking monitoring system

Parking Monitoring System is a parking technology with which you can control and monitor everything that happens in your business.

It controls in real-time everything that happens in the car park on multiple levels: access control, subscriber management, transactions, billing, level of occupancy, bookings, etc.

Parking Monitoring System is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, from computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Monitor your parking space wherever you are.

The best parking control

Monitoring your business

Accessible in any device

Monitor All Access

With Parking Monitoring System you will have real-time information of all the accesses, exits, and payments that occur in your car park.

Online & Centralized Customer Management

You can manage online all users who use your car park, both those who come eventually as the subscribers.

You can optimize the management of your customers and monitor all transactions. All the accesses and transactions are registered in a list, being able to consult the time of stay and its price.


A new type of customer that you can easily manage thanks to our technology. You can offer bookings, subscriptions, multiparking offers and hour packages.


You can register, delete or modify subscribers, defining the type (day, night, 24 hours, etc.) and assigning a digital access method, eliminating the controls and the proximity cards.


Control the time of each client stay as well as the price that must pay.

Digital Access Assignment

Digital access methods through mobile phone or through license plate will allow you to keep your customers loyal, offering a service that is much more comfortable and adapted to the new needs.

From the control dashboard, you can assign each user a type of digital access.

Parking Statistics

Thanks to Parking Monitoring System, you will be able to monitor exhaustively everything that happens in your car park and study the evolution of the business. Check the attendance in your car park, number of accesses, billing, recurrence of your customers or occupation, among others.

Booking Statistics

From Parking Monitoring System you will be able to check multiple statistics of the booking website that we realize, useful to know the evolution of your business and its performance.

Check the number of bookings you receive, the income, number of visitors to your website or the money you invest in online advertising and its profitability.

Features & Values

The SkyOpen platform is rich in functions, and its core value is resource integration, centralized management, and the establishment of a unified ecosystem. With the improvement of resource utilization and service quality, the revenue of the parking lot will increase.

Financial Data Integration

Unified Handling of Abnormal Problems

Centralized Authorization

Centralized Management for Resources

Video Surveillace

Remove Operation & Maintenance

Business Approval

Big Data Analysis

Equipment Statistics

All the equipment installed in the car park (barriers, cameras, ATMs …) are connected to the dashboard, allowing to check their operating status and receive warnings when something goes wrong.

The control dashboard also allows you to open the barriers remotely.

A Powerful Parking Lot Management Tool

Based on IPARKPRO’s years of experience in the parking industry, the SkyOpen platform integrates a large number of parking lot services, including management of personnel, vehicles and parking spaces, monthly card renewal, revenue statistics and reconciliation, abnormal event alarms and remote maintenance.

Cloud Hosting Services for Unattended Parking Lots

IPARKPRO Cloud Hosting Service is an online service provided by the Internet for parking lot operators. It minimizes front-end costs for car park operators, including booth and labor costs. Customer service personnel can communicate with the parking lot manager in real-time through audio and video to quickly communicate on-site conditions. When the vehicle owner needs assistance, customer service can remotely view the vehicle entry and exit pictures, live video, and other information, and respond and process in real-time.